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Like many designers, Terre’s career began by decorating homes for her own family, then expanded to friends who admired her excellent taste.

As word spread, her clients included numerous high-end estates and Hollywood celebrities all around Los Angeles. Terre’s homes have been featured in music videos, “Dr. Phil,” “Unsolved Mysteries,” and a variety of staged dating television shows.

While raising her family, Terre provided design services to the clients of a successful custom contractor and expanded her knowledge of a variety of design principles. Today, based in an art deco Long Beach high-rise, she delights in helping southern California homeowners on a budget to refresh their surroundings and fall in love with their homes again.

Terre’s passion for design furnishes an ambiance for creativity and function that brings more peace, comfort, and beauty into the lives of those who cannot afford an expensive interior designer.
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Top 11 Motives to Hire A Change of Space:

1) You need to pull your space together in a matter of days.
2) There is one room you really want to update.
3) Making your home kid-friendly without sacrificing style.
4) Rearranging a hard-working space to function better.
5) Stepping outside your design comfort zone.
6) Living larger in a small room or studio.
7) Creating a dedicated area to pursue a passion.
8) Your office looks less than professional for client meetings.
9) Decluttering your home or work environment.
10) Downsizing as an empty-nester or retiree.

Terre Griley A Change of Space
Terre Griley A Change of Space

Plus a bonus reason to contact us…

11) It’s beyond time to treat yourself to serene, beautiful surroundings!


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