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Meet Yolanda Laverde, Director of Organizing and Decluttering Services.

I’m Yolanda Laverde and I’ve been helping people organize their living spaces for years! It’s very satisfying to see the transformation of a space that was once cluttered and in disarray to a space of order and structure.
Many people don’t know how to create a system in which to keep their things in order, and these “Clutter Challenges” can really affect your head space. So we at A Change Of Space are here to help you refine your space for peace of mind. Downsizing, Decluttering and Organizing can be applied if you’re planning to sell your home, move into a new home, transition to assisted living, divorce, empty nesters, recent bachelors or anyone who just needs help in eliminating the mess. With fun and compassion we can work together to create a space in your home or office that you’ll love living in!




Some people find it easy to throw stuff away and keep their environment calm, serene, and Zen. For the rest of us, our attachment to things can lead to bursting closets, a jumbled garage, and piles upon piles of paper that we just can’t bring ourselves to release. After all, we may need this again someday!

That’s why it helps to hire professionals like A Change of Space. With a firm hand and compassionate heart, we will support you to clear out the junk you’ve been hoarding, rehome treasured, yet no longer used items, and organize what’s left in a streamlined, easy-to-maintain system.

Still determined to declutter your home or office without assistance? Ponder these insightful questions whenever you are undecided about whether to keep, repurpose, or toss an object:

  1. Have I used this item in the past year?
  2. Will I use it in the year ahead?
  3. If I was shopping right now, would I purchase this again?
  4. Does it work?
  5. Does it fit?
  6. Do I even like it anymore?
  7. If it’s broken, is it worth fixing?
  8. Would I keep this if I moved?
  9. How often do I use it?
  10. Am I keeping this out of obligation?
  11. Do I have multiples of this item?
  12. Am I saving it “just in case?”
  13. Am I holding on to something broken to fix someday?
  14. Is this worth the time I spend cleaning it or the money I spend storing it?
  15. Could I use this space for something else?
  16. Does this benefit my lifestyle or that of my family?
  17. Would this item be useful for someone else?
  18. Would another person appreciate this item more than me?
Terre Griley, A Change of Space

A Change of Space

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