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Do you want to refresh your living or work space in a way that feels new and more functional, without a high price tag? One of the most affordable ways to revive your décor is to rearrange a room with furniture and accessories you already own, giving you a fresh, updated look for very little additional expense.

Repurposing your existing pieces not only stretches your budget, but is a very planet-friendly solution. It also takes into consideration the emotional attachment you have to those items you own, love, and don’t want to part with.

One-Day Decorating

Change your environment in only a few hours! Whether you have a big event coming up soon or are simply feeling bored with your décor, our one-day program may be right for you. A Change of Space brings a fresh pair of eyes to look at your surroundings and imagine all the possibilities. Clients are always surprised to see how great their own furnishings and accessories are when being reused in a different grouping or room.

Terre Griley, A Change of Space
A Change Of Space

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A Change of Space

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