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“Terre converted my rather dull insurance office into a place that is more vibrant and inviting, not only for our customers, but for myself and my staff. She helped enliven each desk by adding hints of red as well as charming plants. The bathroom and eating area were both spruced up with eye-catching artwork and lighter-colored walls, which helped brighten otherwise dim areas. Overall, I would highly recommend Terre to anyone looking to redecorate and not knowing where to start!”

Tony Sanchez

Tony Sanchez Farmers Insurance, Lakewood, CA

ACOS staged my home and large yard for a very important community event. They understood my vision and with their creative flair turned blah into a colorful and inviting space. They are fast and exude a joyful team spirit. Thank you for reinventing my spaces. I trust and appreciate their esthetic and chic vibe.”

Lissette F

Terre has a strong sense of personal style but was able to prioritize my aesthetic and refine my personal ideas with her discerning eye and taste. I’ve learned to trust her because the results are even better than I could have ever imagined. For example, in choosing wall paint color, I had misgivings about some choices, but I have no regrets once I saw how amazing the rooms look. She’s able to create a mood in a space that is a harmonious breath of fresh air.

She can help you make decisions on what items to prioritize based on your budget. She won’t try to sell you on every top dollar item, just the crucial ones, because great style can come from anywhere! She picks accents and objects that are unique and spark the imagination and have their own story to tell. She knows the history of all the styles and references she uses in your space, so I feel like I know so much more about the rich history of the objects I live with now!

Terre is very resourceful and can find anything on any budget. Regardless of how disorderly or cluttered your space is, she can see past that and can envision what its true potential can be, then she makes it happen! Hire Terre, it will be the best thing you ever do! She’ll create a space you’ll never want to leave!” 

Lluvia Higuera

Lluvia Higuera Photography, Los Angeles, CA

“Terre has an exceptional talent for reorganizing a space, keeping what works and adding new elements where needed, in a way that renews its inherent creativity, energy, and comfort in unexpected ways.

Stephen S

LaJolla, CA

As a Realtor it’s mission critical to have a home staged in an inviting, engaging, comfortable way that looks realistic and truly reflects the spirit of Home. Terre has staged multiple properties for me and each time she’s been thoughtful and deliberate in her approach.  She assesses the lighting and structure of every room to maximize flow, and when photographing and showing properties to potential new owners that is a must! What I like best is that Terre considers the current owner’s life and lifestyle, and often repurposes the owner’s current decor to create the most organic, pleasing, and comfortable changes. This means the home has spirit and isn’t a cookie-cutter copy of other houses, and delivers a personalized visual message. I couldn’t be happier with Terre’s vision and work ethic, which is dedicated, friendly, professional, and detail-oriented. Terre delivers the gold standard of customer service!

Theresa Grant

Theresa Grant & Associates, REALTORS

The staff of “A Change of Space” are true entropy busters!
My apartment, although clean, really did lack order. Yolanda came in and took over. She looked at my apartment with fresh eyes and saw possibilities everywhere not only on how to declutter, but how to decorate.
She went through my closet and helped me separate from outfits I no longer fit in or just didn’t wear anymore. She helped me organize my clothes, preaching the importance of velvet hangers and shoe trees. I now no longer have any shoes on my closet floor. When I open my closet, I literally feel like a weight has been lifted from me.
Yolanda understands the importance of organization and putting things in their place. That being said, she organized my linen closet, bathroom cabinet, above and under the sink and she quickly set up the bathroom caddy stand in the bathtub.
Three months later the structure Yolanda created for organizing allows me to keep order and stay clutter free, plus I now know exactly what clothes I have!

Paola L