Transitioning to Assisted Living

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A Change Of Space offers compassion and expertise for you and your loved ones during the transition to assisted living.
A Change Of Space offers decluttering, organizing, whole house concierge packing, assistance in downsizing and appraisal of family heirlooms.
This aspect of A Change of Space utilizes the following: appraisals, consignment services which includes taking pictures, measuring furniture pieces and acting as a liaison between the client and Consignment house. Additionally we coordinate with our consignment stores and moving companies to make sure that the process goes smoothly and the pieces arrive safely.
We also help create a design layout in the client’s new home at the Assisted Living facility by taking measurements, pictures and video to keep the client informed with the ideas we have for them in design and which pieces they can bring.
Next we source furniture and home decor for their new move-in. Depending on the clients needs, we will take pictures of pieces we recommend. Once they have decided upon the pieces, we will coordinate all aspects of moving and set up of the new home.
If the client needs our assistance in helping them stage their home upon selling, we can also offer our other services including downsizing, decluttering and organizing together with the staging of their home with their existing furniture.

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A Change of Space can help with downsizing furniture or items when moving into assisted living.

A Change of Space

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